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Discover the Art of Inner Knowing

The amazing human brilliance

The human mind is equipped for brilliance. We all have a vast untapped potential of intuitive and creative dimensions. It just awaits to be harnessed and utilised.

Intelligent use of intuition opens new windows of opportunities, creates fast tracks in thinking and creating as well as enables us to invent unseen novelties and envision the future.

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Explore Your Inner Universe

Discover the Essence of Future Leadership and intuition in practise.

Learn from thought leaders in BUSINESS | ART | SCIENCE

The first ever HBR'24 will take place in Helsinki 3.6.2024
(this one in Finnish only - but stay tuned for further editions to be announced!)

Embrace your creative potential

Exceed your expertise and learn to understand your intuition. Innerversity educates and inspires people to harness their full creative potential.

We help individuals and organisations to understand intangible human resources and to benefit tacit knowledge and shared intuitions in the most fruitful way.

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You can aim straight at a miracle

Innerversity designs workshops, tools, and resources to guide on the way to visionary inner knowing.
Benefit the untapped human brilliance within your organisation

Shared intuitions

Benefit the untapped human brilliance within your organisation.

Executive level keynote speeches and workshops awakening innovative mindset beyond KPI’s. Thought-provoking learnings from world-class business leaders and innovators, turned into practical toolkit. Learn to implement personnels' intelligent intuition in the business processes to enable genuinely disruptive innovation.

Navigate your highly personal intuitions and creative dimensions

New resolution

Navigate your highly personal intuitions and creative dimensions.

Discover your various types of intuitions and tap into your inner knowing. Discern trustworthy intuition from emotional biases and imagination. Benefit fast tracks in decision making and discover shortcuts for problem solving. Learn to recognise windows of opportunities and highly personal ways to create and envision the future.

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Outside the box

Impossible problems do not exist. We just don't see the solutions.

Eye-opening training and events integrated with a state of the art methodologies. Dare to open your mind into new perspectives and open yourself to new dimensions of intuiting. Challenge yourself with provoking radical thinking. Let us lead you to forward-thinking horizons for future research beyond the currently known.

Remarkable work in researching

Asta has done remarkable work in researching intuition and developing effective methods to enhance creative thinking and innovation. Asta can very quickly assess situations and group dynamics with great clarity.

Dr. Dominique Surel
Chairman of the Board at Windbridge Research Center


Dr Asta Raami is a leading expert on intuition in Finland.

Asta defended her PhD Thesis on the development of intuition in creative processes in Aalto University Media Lab. She is a published author of several books discussing the use of intuition as a key factor in deepening expertise and the general skills of work life, as well as on harnessing the potential of intuition in visionary and radical innovations.
Asta is a popular public speaker in Finland and often interviewed by the news and media as the ”human factors” are becoming increasingly interesting in the times of the current technological revolution; both in academia and business, as well as on individual level.
In Finland, intuitive information is acknowledged in the educational sector and intuition has been included in the Finnish national school curriculum since 2016.

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IMG_0608 kopi.jpg
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